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Renowned for exceptional quality and tailored architecture, the LIVstyle group focuses on boutique property development and investment they have an impressive portfolio of work. the team is made up of highly skilled professionals at the top of their game ensuring expert knowledge across every aspect of property development. Founded by Aaron Tippett, Walter Martins and Manny Papaklonaris in 2003, this dynamic team of specialised professionals ensures every project is of a standard synonymous with bespoke style and sustainable design

Aligned with two of Sydney’s leading Architectural firms Environa Studio Architects & Bennett Murada Architects together with Cemento Group builders, each and every project delivers a standard synonymous with bespoke style and sustainable design.

Hand-picking unique and inspiring sites, the team customise exteriors and interiors to enhance the surrounding environment and culture. With a focus on detail and progressive solutions to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle, LIVstyle and their partners have set a new benchmark for boutique development.